Shyamal Gondkar

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Rigid spherical macroporous adsorbent beads with surface hydroxyl groups were prepared by cross-linking of cellulose. These beads had diameter in the range 100-200 microm and a mean pore size of about 3 microm with about 60% pore volume. The matrix (bulk density approximately 1600 kg m(-3)) could be expanded into a stable bed and used for protein(More)
Rigid spherical macroporous adsorbent beads (CELBEADS) prepared by cross-linking of cellulose were characterized and found eminently suitable for use as expanded bed affinity chromatography matrix. Chromatographic runs were performed on a 10 mm diameter column with three solutes tyrosine, papain and bovine serum albumin under non-retaining conditions on(More)
There is an emerging trend in evaluating industrial activities using principles of industrial ecology because of the emphasis on sustainability initiatives by major process industries. Attention has also been targeted at developing planned industrial ecosystems (IEs) across the globe. We point out the current state-of-the art in this exciting discipline and(More)
Expanded bed or fluidized bed adsorption has emerged as an important unit operation in downstream processing of proteins. A number of specifically designed commercial adsorbents are available today for expanded bed purification of proteins. Protein purification essentially requires adsorbent matrices that have large pore size. Very large pore size or(More)
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