Shyam Narayan Shukla

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A triple duty valve is used to control the functions such as on-off, throttling and non-return on the discharge side of hydronic pump systems. In this paper, computational fluid dynamic techniques are used to simulate the 2 inch triple duty valve performance characteristics for various stroke lengths with uniform outgoing velocity. The performance(More)
Crop evapotranspiration (ETc) and crop coefficient (K c) for drip-irrigated bell pepper grown on plastic-mulched beds for climatically different growing seasons were quantified using drainage lysimeters located in the Southwest Florida. We tested whether: (1) the literature K c (with climatic adjustment) yields accurate ETc estimates; (2) K c values are(More)
Heavy metals pose a risk of contaminating groundwater and surface water sources due to geogenic activities, industries and agricultural sources. The removal of heavy metals e.g., cadmium, lead, and zinc from drinking, industrial and irrigation water at low concentrations is a recurring challenge, especially in developing countries. Biosorption is a(More)
Use of literature crop coefficient (K c) values for quantifying evapotranspiration (ETc) under non-standard conditions such as plastic mulch, shallow water table, and sub-tropical conditions can lead to inaccurate ETc estimates. A 5-year experiment was conducted for fall crop growing seasons in south Florida to quantity bi-weekly ETc and K c for bell pepper(More)
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