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On the solutions of certain fractional kinetic equations
Fractional kinetic equations have gained importance during the last decade due to their occurrence in certain problems in science and engineering. Expand
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The Sumudu transform, whose fundamental properties are presented in this paper, is little known and not widely used. However, being the theoretical dual to the Laplace transform, the Sumudu transformExpand
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The Grünwald-Letnikov method for fractional differential equations
This paper is devoted to the numerical treatment of fractional differential equations with finite difference schemes for the approximation of the solution. Expand
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On a Generalized Elliptic-Type Integral
In this paper we study a fam r TI ly of integra Is of the form where O 6 k - and m is a nonnegative integer. Such inte- grals occur in radiation field problems. We obtain a series expansion andExpand
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A generalized gamma distribution and its application in reliabilty
A generalization of gamma distribution is defined by slightly modifying the form of Kobayashi's generalized gamma function (1991). Its possible application in reliability theory, to studyExpand
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Recursion relations for a class of generalized eliptic integrals
Our purpose in this note is to provide a number of recursion formulas for Rµ (vease archivo PDF), so that the numerical results can be extended to arbitrary parameter values.
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A unified form of gamma-type distributions
We study a mathematical model for a new distribution involving the generalized gamma function of Al-Musallam and Kalla and derive some basic functions associated with the p.d.f. Expand
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Some results on a generalized hypergeometric function
Recently Al-Musallam and S.L. Kalla [1], [2] have developed a generalized hypergeometric function occuring in diffraction theory. We define here a new generalized hypergeometric function, using aExpand
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