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We predict the amplification of mechanical stress, force, and torque on an adherent cell due to flow within a narrow microchannel. We model this system as a semicircular bulge on a microchannel wall, with pressure-driven flow. This two-dimensional model is solved computationally by the boundary element method. Algebraic expressions are developed by using(More)
The formation of distal anastomotic intimal hyperplasia (IH), one common mode of bypass graft failure, has been shown to occur in the areas of disturbed flow particular to this site. The nature of theflow in the segment of artery proximal to the distal anastomosis varies from case to case depending on the clinical situation presented. A partial stenosis of(More)
Different techniques are available for the prediction of stock market. Very popular some of these are Neural Network, Data Mining, Hidden Markov Model(HMM) And Neuro-Fuzzy system. From these Neural Network and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems are the most leading machine learning techniques in stock market index prediction area. Other traditional methods do not cover(More)
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