Shyam Kamal

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In this paper a continuous fault tolerant control allocation is proposed. This approach is based on a uniform High-Order Sliding-Mode Observer where only measurable outputs are used. The fault tolerant control scheme is developed using, for the first time, a continuous integral sliding-mode and a fixed control allocation technique which provides an(More)
The paper presents a new method for higher order sliding mode control using control Lyapunov function for chain of integrator system with nonlinear uncertainties. The stability proof of the suggested scheme is analyzed in terms of two Lyapunov functions using appropriate switching function. Using these Lyapunov functions and switching scheme it is proved(More)
  • S Kamal Abdali, S Kamal, Abdali
  • 2008
1974 ii ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to thank Professor George Petznick for the advice, guidance, and constructive criticism I received from him during the research for this thesis. I am also grateful to Professors Donald Fitzwater, Lawrence Landweber, and Edward Moore for being on my examination committee and offering valuable suggestions. My special(More)
UNCLASSIFIED ABSTRACT We present a simple correspondence between a large subset of ALGOL 60 language and lambda-calculus. With the aid of this correspondence, a program can be translated into a single lambda-expression. In general, the representation of a program is specified by means of a system of simultaneous conversion relations among the(More)