Shyaam Ramkumar

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We revisit the purported locality constraint on Quantifier Raising (QR) by investigating children's and adults' interpretation of antecedent-contained-deletion (ACD) sentences, where the interpretation depends on the landing site targeted by QR out of an embedded clause. When ACD is embedded in a nonfinite clause, 4-year-old children and adults access both(More)
Juvenile ossifying fibroma is an uncommon, benign, bone-forming neoplasm with aggressive local growth that is distinguished from other fibro-osseous lesions primarily by its age of onset, clinical presentation and aggressive behavior. Although a benign entity, juvenile ossifying fibroma is known to be locally aggressive and has a high tendency to recur. Two(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoglycemia secondary to ectopic insulin secretion of non-pancreatic tumors is rare. CASE PRESENTATION We describe a middle aged woman with recurrent hypoglycemia. On evaluation, she was detected to have hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia and right sided renal mass lesion. 68Ga-Dotanoc and 99mTc-HYNICTOC scans confirmed the intrarenal mass to be of(More)
Hyperandrogenism is a common disorder among women in the reproductive age group. One of the rare causes for androgen excess is sex cord- stromal tumors of the ovary. These are usually unilateral. Here we report case of a 48 year old woman who presented with hyperandrogenism due to bilateral ovarian thecoma. Androgen levels normalized following resection of(More)
Aim To report a 6 years old girl who presented with sexual pre-cocity, multicystic ovaries and pituitary macroadenoma due to primary hypothyroidism. Methods We describe the clinical presentation, imaging findings, hormonal work-up and follow up of a child with sexual precocity, multicystic ovaries and pituitary macroadenoma due to primary hypothyroidism(More)
Aim To report a 13 year old girl with T2DM who had been initiated on insulin and the course of her glycemic status. Methods We describe a case of T2DM in a 13 year old girl – her clinical presentation, diagnosis and change in glycemic control over a period of 12 months. Results 13 year old presented with osmotic symptoms for 3 weeks duration. There was no(More)
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