Shy-Shyan Chen

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This paper presents an adaptive block segmentation and classification technique for daily-received office documents having complex layout structures such as multiple columns and mixed-mode contents of text, graphics, and pictures. First, an improved two-step block segmentation algorithm is performed based on run-length smoothing for decomposing any document(More)
Most skeletonization algorithms are operated on binary images. To avoid information loss and distortion, a topography-based approach is proposed to apply directly on fuzzy or gray scale images. A membership function is used to indicate the degree of membership of each ridge point with respect to the skeleton. Significant ridge points are linked to form(More)
Our algorithm is optimal in the sense of maximizing the probability of successful transmission of a single message during the next time slot. Its maximum stable throughput (obtained in Monte-Carlo simulations) is 0.480. . . . This throughput is about 1.7% less than the highest throughput achieved to date (0.48776 [4], [ 5 ] ) . In many real channels, the(More)
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