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Yang [20] studies a deteriorating inventory model in which the supplier simultaneously offers the retailer either a conditional delay in payments or a cash discount. While considering the same inventory problem as that of Yang [20] in a systematic manner, the main purpose of this paper is twofold: First of all, since Yang [20] does not seem to have defined(More)
In a recent paper in this journal, Gautschi et al. presented an interesting expansion formula for the exponential integral E 1 (z) in a series of the incomplete Gamma function γ (α, z). Their investigation was motivated by a search for better methods of evaluating the exponential integral E 1 (z) which occurs widely in applications, most notably in(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking plays a disease-related risk factor and is however the principal cause of preventable death. Many studies support the use of combined rather than single interventions to stop smoking. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the effects of auricular acupressure combined with multimedia instruction in comparison with auricular acupressure(More)
⎯In many recent works, several authors presented the usefulness of inventory models on two member's simple buyer-seller in supply chain. The main object of the present paper is to investigate the optimal order interval and discount price such that the joint total cost is minimized during a finite planning horizon. The methodology presented here is based(More)