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Twelve male Indian Air Force subjects were exposed on two occasions to a simulated hot environment (DB 57 degrees C; WB 35.5 degrees C; RH 25%) for a period of 50 min. On one occasion the subject breathed normal atmospheric air while on the other occasion he breathed 100% oxygen at ambient atmospheric pressure. Arm sweat collected at the end of the two(More)
Case report A 29 year old HIV positive female was initiated on ART on 5/11/2012 with first line regimen, (TDF+3TC+NVP) as patient was anaemic. Patient came back with Nevirapine rash and ART was stopped on 20/12/12. Nevirapine was substituted with Efavirenz after rashes healed on 2/1/13. Patient developed severe itching with rashes just after three doses and(More)
The percent utilization of total blood sulfhydryl (bl-SH) group was assessed in 100 healthy, unacclimated male Indian Air Force Personnel who participated in various stress trials which included heat, cold pressor test, hypoxia, 70 degrees head-up tilt, acceleration, and vibration. Exposure to a hot and dry environment (Tdb = 57 degrees C, rh = 25%, Oxford(More)
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