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Hybrid clouds are increasingly becoming important in cloud computing. We see a rapid raise in the demand for a secure infrastructure that would enable sharing of computing resources between multiple hybrid cloud deployments to facilitate accommodation of situations where the demand outstrips supply, load balancing, and other such infrastructure constraints.(More)
In this paper, we report numerical calculations of two new travelling wave states with shift and reflect two-fold azimuthal symmetry (S2 symmetry of Wedin and Kerswell (2004)), characterized by a shrinking core towards the pipe center with increasing R. Further, one of these solutions, termed C2, has additional shift and rotate symmetry. We also present(More)
Land surface temperature (LST) is an important variable in climate, hydrologic, ecological, biophysical and biochemical studies (Mildrexler et al., 2011). The most effective way to obtain LST measurements is through satellites. Presently, LST from moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor is applied in various fields due to its high(More)
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