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We explore the impact of reduced transaction costs on risk sharing by estimating the effects of a mobile money innovation on consumption. In our panel sample, adoption of the innovation increased from 43 to 70 percent. We find that, while shocks reduce consumption by 7 percent for nonusers, the consumption of user households is unaffected. The mechanisms(More)
The hypoxic preconditioning of mammalian cells has been shown to have beneficial effects against hypoxic injuries. However, very little information is available on the comparative analysis of immunological responses to hypoxic and hypoxia mimetic exposure. Therefore, in the present study, mouse peritoneal macrophages and splenocytes were subjected to(More)
Cotton leaf curl Allahabad virus (CLCuAV) belongs to genus Begomovirus, family Geminiviridae. It has single stranded monopartite DNA genome transmitted by whitefly (Bemisia tabaci). MicroRNAs (miRNAs) belong to class of endogeneous small RNAs which suppress expression of genes following cleavage or translational inhibition of target messenger RNAs. They are(More)
Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge field of science with the potential to revolutionize today's technological advances including industrial applications. It is being utilized for the welfare of mankind; but at the same time, the unprecedented use and uncontrolled release of nanomaterials into the environment poses enormous threat to living organisms. Silver(More)
Entity extraction is one of the important tasks in various natural language processing (NLP) application areas. There has been a significant amount of works related to entity extraction , but mostly for a few languages (such as English, some European languages and few Asian languages) and doamins such as newswire. Nowadays social media have become a(More)
Evapotranspiration (ET) is one of the largest components of hydrological cycle, and its accurate quantification is needed in water allocation, irrigation management, and to protect surface and ground water quantity and quality. So there is a need of improved techniques for accurate quantification of ET to enhance efficient use of water resources and(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has potential for application in the new field of telemedicine, as the use of radio waves offers advantages over traditional optical technology such as bar codes. Radio waves are not limited by line of sight, they can penetrate objects and communicate in a wireless fashion. However, the same advantage is also the(More)