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The importance of utilizing biometrics to establish personal authenticity and to detect imposters is growing in the present scenario of global security concern. Also the Development of a biometric system for personal identification, which fulfills the requirement for access control of secured areas and other applications like identity validation for social(More)
Rapid growth in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has emerged to an expansion of data in the clinical domain. The majority of the available health care information is sealed in the form of narrative documents which form the rich source of clinical information. Text mining of such clinical records has gained huge attention in various medical applications like(More)
Text mining has drawn significant attention in recent past due to the rapid growth in biomedical and clinical records. Entity extraction is one of the fundamental components for biomedical text mining. In this paper, we propose a novel approach of feature selection for entity extraction that exploits the concept of deep learning and Particle Swarm(More)
The image cryptography is one of the techniques used in the data security during communication over public domain. In the many researchers are working to make the visual cryptography techniques more robust and secure against the attack. In this paper, we have proposed the visual cryptography in the video with the halftone image as a secrete image. We have(More)
Evapotranspiration (ET) is one of the largest components of hydrological cycle, and its accurate quantification is needed in water allocation, irrigation management, and to protect surface and ground water quantity and quality. So there is a need of improved techniques for accurate quantification of ET to enhance efficient use of water resources and(More)
Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis is a field of data mining. Opinion Mining is a form of Natural Language Processing which is used to record the attitude of people towards a particular subject or product. Mainly Opinion Mining classifies the given review as positive, neutral or negative. Recently Opinion Mining has accomplished much focus due to(More)
Electronic Medical Records contains a rich source of information for medical finding. However, the access to the medical record is limited to only de-identified form so as to protect the confidentiality of patient. According to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, there are 18 PHI categories that should be enclosed before making the EMR(More)
In this paper, a new approach for heartbeat classification is proposed. The system uses the combination of morphological and dynamic features of ECG signal. Morphological features extracted using Wavelet transform and independent component analysis (ICA). Each heartbeat undergoes both the techniques separately. The dynamic features extracted are RR interval(More)