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BACKGROUND/AIM Minimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE) impairs health-related quality of life and driving ability of the patient. OBJECTIVE We assessed the utility of the inhibitory control test (ICT), critical flicker frequency (CFF), and psychometry in the diagnosis of MHE. PATIENTS AND METHODS Consecutive patients with cirrhosis underwent number(More)
In spite of the prevalence of IT outsourcing, the outcome of IT outsourcing contracts have been less than stellar. However, despite industry reports about dissatisfaction with the performance of IT outsourcing initiatives, there is a lack of research examining the outcome of IT outsourcing contracts. Given the difficulties in selecting appropriate vendors(More)
—The paper presents a fuzzy based impulse noise filter for both gray scale and color images. The proposed approach is based on the technique of boundary discriminative noise detection. The algorithm is a multi-step process comprising detection, filtering and color correction stages. The detection procedure classifies the pixels as corrupted and uncorrupted(More)
A cloud storage mechanism repressed a storage device design and cloud based protocols. Cloud storage architecture can be exposed design for remote method access through cloud storage device. Cloud storage is a centralized data distribution center meant for authorized clients, among them cloud data will share towards different clients as apiece their(More)
Communication is the main motive in any Networks whether it is Wireless Sensor Network, Ad-Hoc networks, Mobile Networks, Wired Networks, Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Wireless Area Network etc, hence it must be energy efficient. The main parameters for energy efficient communication are maximizing network lifetime, saving energy at the(More)
Nowadays agile software development is used in greater extend but for small organizations only, whereas MDA is suitable for large organizations but yet not standardized. In this paper the pros and cons of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Extreme programming have been discussed. As both of them have some limitations and cannot be used in both large scale(More)
In the midst of the last decades, information security has become an important issue. Encryption and decryption of data have recently been universally researched and developed as there is a need for a secure encryption and decryption which is very difficult to break. Cryptography offers main functions to meet these demands. Today, researchers have proposed(More)
Metastatic spinal cord compression is a devastating complication of cancer. Patients may often require high doses of opioids that may cause side effects, myoclonus being one such. A 63-year-old male suffering from malignant spinal cord compression was admitted to our institution. The primary team managed him conservatively with pharmacotherapy with no(More)