Shweta Singh

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—The paper presents a fuzzy based impulse noise filter for both gray scale and color images. The proposed approach is based on the technique of boundary discriminative noise detection. The algorithm is a multi-step process comprising detection, filtering and color correction stages. The detection procedure classifies the pixels as corrupted and uncorrupted(More)
Communication is the main motive in any Networks whether it is Wireless Sensor Network, Ad-Hoc networks, Mobile Networks, Wired Networks, Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Wireless Area Network etc, hence it must be energy efficient. The main parameters for energy efficient communication are maximizing network lifetime, saving energy at the(More)
Nowadays agile software development is used in greater extend but for small organizations only, whereas MDA is suitable for large organizations but yet not standardized. In this paper the pros and cons of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Extreme programming have been discussed. As both of them have some limitations and cannot be used in both large scale(More)
The present study examines the role of positive and negative consequences and peer influence as proximal and contextual variables that influence drinking in college students. Data from a sample of 1482 students who completed the CORE survey in 2006 and 2007 were utilized to test three models predicting the likelihood of alcohol use in the 30 days prior to(More)
IT outsourcing has three broad forms: (i) Single-Sourcing, where the client outsources to one primary vendor, (ii) Single-Sourcing with subcontracting , where the primary vendor involves other/secondary vendors in the project, and (iii) Multi-Sourcing, where the client outsources to multiple primary vendors. Using a dataset of large IT outsourcing contracts(More)
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