Shweta Singh

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In sympathetic neurons, unlike most nonneuronal cells, growth factor withdrawal-induced apoptosis requires the development of competence in addition to cytochrome c release to activate caspases. Thus, although most nonneuronal cells die rapidly with cytosolic cytochrome c alone, sympathetic neurons are remarkably resistant unless they develop competence. We(More)
Several workers have extensively worked out the metal induced toxicity and have reported the toxic and carcinogenic effects of metals in human and animals. It is well known that these metals play a crucial role in facilitating normal biological functions of cells as well. One of the major mechanisms associated with heavy metal toxicity has been attributed(More)
G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the targets of over half of all prescribed drugs today. The UniProt database has records for about 800 proteins classified as GPCRs, but drugs have only been developed against 50 of these. Thus, there is huge potential in terms of the number of targets for new therapies to be designed. Several breakthroughs in GPCRs(More)
Phage-encoded serine integrases mediate directionally regulated site-specific recombination between short attP and attB DNA sites without host factor requirements. These features make them attractive for genome engineering and synthetic genetics, although the basis for DNA site selection is poorly understood. Here we show that attP selection is determined(More)
In spite of the prevalence of IT outsourcing, the outcome of IT outsourcing contracts have been less than stellar. However, despite industry reports about dissatisfaction with the performance of IT outsourcing initiatives, there is a lack of research examining the outcome of IT outsourcing contracts. Given the difficulties in selecting appropriate vendors(More)
BACKGROUND Police personnel in India are subjected to several distinct occupational stressors which impact their mental health and their work performance negatively. AIM The study aimed to explore various sources of stress among police personnel. METHOD In this study, 100 constables, 100 inspectors and 100 police officers of Uttar Pradesh, were(More)
—The paper presents a fuzzy based impulse noise filter for both gray scale and color images. The proposed approach is based on the technique of boundary discriminative noise detection. The algorithm is a multi-step process comprising detection, filtering and color correction stages. The detection procedure classifies the pixels as corrupted and uncorrupted(More)
Presenter's session description: As the trend toward online education intensifies, questions remain regarding the overall efficiency of online courses versus their in-class counterparts. The current paper seeks to estimate the efficiency of students who take online courses relative to the efficiency of students who are enrolled in offline courses.(More)
The bone marrow (BM) microenvironment or the hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) niche is normally hypoxic, which maintains HSC quiescence. Paradoxically, transplanted HSCs rapidly proliferate in this niche. Pretransplant myelosuppression results in a substantial rise in oxygen levels in the marrow microenvironment due to reduced cellularity and consequent low(More)