Shweta Prasad-Mulcare

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The most well-described example of an inherited speech and language disorder is that observed in the multigenerational KE family, caused by a heterozygous missense mutation in the FOXP2 gene. Affected individuals are characterized by deficits in the learning and production of complex orofacial motor sequences underlying fluent speech and display impaired(More)
NMDA receptors (NMDARs) are key mediators of certain forms of synaptic plasticity and learning. NMDAR complexes are heteromers composed of an obligatory GluN1 subunit and one or more GluN2 (GluN2A-GluN2D) subunits. Different subunits confer distinct physiological and molecular properties to NMDARs, but their contribution to synaptic plasticity and learning(More)
Animals Generation of Foxp2 Mutant Mice We used a gene-driven ENU-based screening approach to generate an allelic series for murine Foxp2. R552H and N549K mice were derived from a large scale ENU mutagenesis project at Medical Research Council Harwell laboratories (Oxfordshire), United Kingdom [S1]. ENU was injected in founder mice of a BALB/c genetic(More)
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