Shweta Krishnan

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One of the most widely accepted axioms of mammalian reproductive biology is that pregnancy requires the (sole) support of progesterone, acting in large measure through nuclear progesterone receptors (PRs) in uterine and cervical tissues, without which pregnancy cannot be established or maintained. However, mares lack detectable progesterone in the latter(More)
Hard-disk failures are one of the primary causes of data loss in both enterprise storage systems and personal computers. Most disk failures are partial failures, where only some sectors are unavailable due to a latent sector error or some blocks are silently corrupted. This dissertation focuses on all aspects of such partial disk failures – their(More)
Autonomous robots need to efficiently walk over varied surfaces and grasp diverse objects. We hypothesize that the association between how such surfaces look and how they physically react during contact can be learned from a database of matched haptic and visual data recorded from various end-effectors' interactions with thousands of real-world surfaces,(More)
In India, the 1971 Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, while allowing abortions under a broad range of circumstances, can be considered a conservative law from a feminist perspective. The Act allows healthcare providers rather than women seeking abortion to have the final say on abortion, and creates an environment within which women are made dependent on(More)
(jur) is dedicated to providing the student body with intellectual perspectives from various academic disciplines. jur serves as a forum for the presentation of original research, thereby encouraging the pursuit of significant scholarly endeavors. W hy should undergraduates engage in research? This question has been earnestly raised, both to us directly and(More)
Although unsafe abortion continues to be a leading cause of maternal mortality in many countries in Asia, the right to safe abortion remains highly stigmatized across the region. The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, a regional network advocating for safe abortion, produced an animated short film entitled From Unwanted Pregnancy to Safe Abortion to show in(More)
Benchmarks are crucial to assessing performance of file and storage systems; by providing a common measuring stick among differing systems, comparisons can be made, and new techniques deemed better or worse than existing ones. Unfortunately, file and storage systems are currently difficult to benchmark; there is little consensus regarding the workloads that(More)
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