Shweta Hegde

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An end-to-end assembly of spherical Ag nanoparticles takes place in the presence of biotin to form long fiberlike microstructures. These microstructures are about 4 mum long with a thickness of 1 mum, obtained from SEM studies. TEM studies showed the presence of spherical silver nanoparticles having an average size of 20 nm. ATR-FTIR studies revealed that(More)
A useful method for the synthesis of Au nanoparticles is presented. The synthesis of Au nanoparticles with various morphologies was carried out at room temperature using gamma radiolysis and NaBH4 reduction of HAuCl4 in N,N'-dimethylformamide:water solutions containing polyoxometalate (POM). The results demonstrated that by controlling the rate of reduction(More)
The evolution of Ag nanoparticles by photochemical reduction method and the effect of biotin on their UV-Visible absorption spectrum were studied. Surface modification studies were carried out on chemically reduced Ag nanoparticles. ATR-FTIR studies showed that the biotin molecules bind with the surface of Ag nanoparticles through the oxygen of the(More)
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