Shweta Chauhan

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The Energy dissipation in conventional CMOS circuits can be minimized through adiabatic technique. By adiabatic technique dissipation in PMOS network can be minimized and some of energy stored at load capacitance can be recycled instead of dissipated as heat. But the adiabatic technique is highly dependent on parameter variation. With the help of TSPICE(More)
The energy consumption issue is efficiently addressed by adiabatic switching technique in design of low power digital circuits. Adiabatic switching technique offers the reducing in energy dissipation during switching events and recycling the load capacitance energy instead of dissipated as heat. But adiabatic circuits highly depend upon power clock and(More)
Grapes are one of the important fruit crop in the world, with production rates of approx. 50 million tons per year (Schieber et al., 2001). Grapes can be decay during pre harvest and post harvest and post harvest decay of grapes can be due to physical, physiological, or pathological factors. Rachis dehydration is a main decay factor (physical deterioration)(More)
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