Shwan C. Abdulla

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h i g h l i g h t s • A flywheel and electrical clutch assist mechanism is used in FES-cycling exercise. • Fuzzy logic is used to control stimulation intensity on quadriceps in FES-cycling. • The new mechanism suppresses speed fluctuation and reduces the cadence error. • The new assist mechanism promotes prolonged FES-cycling and extended work rate. • The(More)
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) driven cycling using single muscle group, the quadriceps, is achieved using PID controller with a novel assisting mechanism represented by a flywheel with an electrical clutch. This mechanism is useful for disabled individuals whose muscles are weak and unable to push a fix-geared flywheel. The flywheel is engaged and(More)
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) based cycling exercise for paraplegics, with the aid of a flywheel and electrical clutch mechanism, is introduced. Fuzzy logic controllers are used to control the stimulation intensity on the quadriceps muscle of both legs. The control of the flywheel assist mechanism is achieved using two different fuzzy logic based(More)
This paper presents an approach of parameter optimization of fuzzy logic control (FLC), assist mechanism and stimulation phases of functional electrical stimulation (FES)-cycling using genetic algorithm. The cycling exercise is introduced for rehabilitation of lower limbs by stimulating the quadriceps muscle of each leg by FES with the aid of a flywheel and(More)
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