Shwan C. Abdulla

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  • J R Schellenberg, S Abdulla, R Nathan, O Mukasa, T J Marchant, N Kikumbih +6 others
  • 2001
BACKGROUND Insecticide-treated nets have proven efficacy as a malaria-control tool in Africa. However, the transition from efficacy to effectiveness cannot be taken for granted. We assessed coverage and the effect on child survival of a large-scale social marketing programme for insecticide-treated nets in two rural districts of southern Tanzania with high(More)
BACKGROUND Cost-sharing schemes incorporating modest targeted subsidies have promoted insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) for malaria prevention in the Kilombero Valley, southern Tanzania, since 1996. Here we evaluate resulting changes in bednet coverage and malaria transmission. METHODS Bednets were sold through local agents at fixed prices representing a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of a social marketing programme for distributing nets treated with insecticide on malarial parasitaemia and anaemia in very young children in an area of high malaria transmission. DESIGN Community cross sectional study. Annual, cross sectional data were collected at the beginning of the social marketing campaign (1997) and(More)
h i g h l i g h t s • A flywheel and electrical clutch assist mechanism is used in FES-cycling exercise. • Fuzzy logic is used to control stimulation intensity on quadriceps in FES-cycling. • The new mechanism suppresses speed fluctuation and reduces the cadence error. • The new assist mechanism promotes prolonged FES-cycling and extended work rate. • The(More)
  • Pat Pridmore, Chris Yates, Kate Kuhn, Helina Xerinda, E Barnett, K De Koning +69 others
  • 2006
Department For International Development. Each paper represents a study or piece of commissioned research on some aspect of education and training in developing countries. Most of the studies were undertaken in order to provide informed judgements from which policy decisions could be drawn, but in each case it has become apparent that the material produced(More)
(2008) Preventing childhood malaria in Africa by protecting adults from mosquitoes with insecticide-treated nets. PLoS Medicine 4(7):e299. Development Fellowship number 076806 awarded to GFK). These funding agencies had no role in the study design, data collction and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Preventing childhood(More)