Shveta Khera

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Considerable evidence exists for the place of mind body medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Excessive anxiety is maladaptive. It is often considered to be the major component of unhealthy lifestyle that contributes significantly to the pathogenesis of not only psychiatric but also many other systemic disorders. Among the approaches to reduce the(More)
To simulate the effects of acute psychological stress, the effects of stressful computer game in young adult subjects were assessed by various physiological, psychological and biochemical parameters. The results showed a significant increase in the physiological and psychological markers of stress. It is concluded from these results that computer game can(More)
The flipped classroom is a reversal of conventional teaching models: learners obtain first exposure to material through independent study and then in-class time is dedicated to activities for learners to apply the knowledge. Cards are a novel method of “flipping the classroom” using adaptive multiple-choice questions with patient cases containing randomized(More)
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