Shuzo Nakai

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The adult rat neurohypophysis reveals drastic morphological plasticity of neuron-glial organization during chronic physiological stimulation. Pituicytes are modified astrocytes in the neurohypophysis, and shape conversion of them largely contributes to the morphological plasticity. The present study aimed to investigate the receptor-mediated mechanism for(More)
We investigated the ability of dexamethasone to attenuate cisplatin (4 mg/kg, i.v.)-induced early and delayed emesis. These appear within the first 8-h period (early phase) and between 8 and 48 h (delayed phase), respectively, after cisplatin administration in the pigeon. Dexamethasone (0.1 and 1 mg/kg, i.m.) reduced significantly the number of emetic(More)
Ca(2+) binding proteins (CaBPs), calbindin-D(28k) (calbindin) and calretinin, are thought to contribute to the regulation of intracellular Ca(2+) in many neuronal populations and perhaps more importantly, signal functional modulation in neuronal activity. In the present experiments, light microscopic immunohistochemistry revealed that the immunoreactivity(More)
The facial vein in several species has been shown to have unusual properties, including exhibition of spontaneous myogenic tone and relaxation to norepinephrine (NE). The present study was undertaken to characterize the relaxant effect of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) on the rabbit facial vein. An isolated ring preparation of the rabbit facial vein exhibited(More)
Tissue distribution, antitumor activity and side effects after intraperitoneal administration of polyethyleneglycol-coated liposomes containing adriamycin (PEG-LADR) were examined and compared to that after intravenous treatment. Plain liposomes (PLADR) and PEG-LADR appeared to maintain blood circulation by intraperitoneal injection and suggested usefulness(More)
The present study aimed to investigate the reactivity of cultured pituicytes from adult neurohypophysis to various bioactive substances using Ca2+ indicator dye Fura-2. A transient increase of intracellular Ca2+ [Ca2+]i was observed when pituicytes were treated with nucleotides (ATP, ADP, UTP, and UDP) and amines (5-HT2 and alpha2-agonist). Treatment with(More)
The distribution of adriamycin (ADR) at a clinically relevant low dose of 2.5 mg/kg was compared to the distribution at a high dose of 7.5 mg/kg (dose often employed in distribution studies). ADR solution (ADRsol), plain liposomal ADR (PLADR) and polyethyleneglycol (PEG)-coated liposomal ADR (PEG-LADR) were injected into the tail vein of Wistar rats. The(More)
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