Shuzo Murakami

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Six nickel-chromium (Ni-Cr) alloys joined with two solders were evaluated for degree of corrosion after they were immersed in corrosive solution for 100 days. The corroded surface of the Ni-Cr alloy and the cross section of the soldered joint were observed and the solution of nickel and copper (Cu) ions in each combination was measured. No corrosion was(More)
UNLABELLED In this paper, a method is developed to assess the performance of adsorptive building materials that are used for reducing indoor pollutant concentrations. Mass transfer has a great influence on the materials' performance. To control the mass transfer rate precisely in the performance test, the authors have developed the Boundary-Layer-Type Small(More)
To investigate the effects of the composition and structure on the gelation of tissue conditioners, we measured gelation time with an oscillating rheometer. Also, the plasticizer factor was determined using linear multiple regression equations with the dependent variable of gelation time and the independent variables of molecular weight, molar volume,(More)
The dimensional change of tissue conditioners with time was measured until 4 weeks after mixing. Shrinkage of the materials was evaluated in relation to particle size in powder and the EtOH content in liquid. The dissolution of EtOH and plasticizer were also measured to investigate the relation to dimensional change. Shrinkage with time was recorded. The(More)
The effect of both the ethyl alcohol content of liquids and the type of plasticizer on the viscoelastic properties after gelation of tissue conditioners was studied by means of a stress relaxation test. The results are summarized as follows. The liquids containing the larger percentages of ethyl alcohol produced the larger flow after gelation. Furthermore,(More)
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