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—In this paper, we propose a feasible beamforming (BF) scheme realized in media access control (MAC) layer following the guidelines of the IEEE 802.15.3c criteria for millimeter-wave 60GHz wireless personal area networks (60GHz WPANs). The proposed BF targets to minimize the BF setup time and mitigates the high path loss of 60GHz WPAN systems. It is based(More)
The mobile communication market has grown rapidly over the past 10 years, but the market may reach saturation in the foreseeable future. More flexible mobile networks able to meet various user demands and create new market openings are needed for further growth. Heterogeneous networks are more suitable than homogeneous networks for meeting a wide variety of(More)
—In order to design a simple and highly accurate channel estimator for wireless personal area network systems, this paper proposes Golay sequence aided channel estimation. To evaluate the performance of proposed channel estimation, bit error rate performance of single-carrier transmission with frequency-domain equalization has been analyzed by computer(More)
Implementing dynamic spectrum assignment and access technologies in heterogeneous wireless networks may lead to considerable improvement in spectrum usage. For this purpose, management system shall be added on top of existing heterogeneous wireless system. IEEE P1900.4 working group has been developing such management system. In this paper, we propose(More)