Shuzhen Zou

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Energy crisis is receiving attention with regard to the global economy and environmental sustainable development. Developing new energy resources to optimize the energy supply structure has become an important measure to prevent energy shortage as well as achieving energy conservation and emission reduction in China. This study proposed the concept of(More)
We report a compact 85-W burst-mode pulse fiber amplifier seeded by a Q-switched mode-locked laser at 1064 nm. At a repetition rate of 154 kHz, the pulse duration of the burst is 4 μs containing 280 of 20-ps pulses with temporal space of ~14 ns, and the total burst energy is about 552 μJ per pulse. The pulse number and the burst repetition(More)
This paper quantitatively analyzed the evolution of human–water relationships in the Heihe River basin of northern China over the past 2000 years by reconstructing the catchment water balance by partitioning precipitation into evapotranspiration and runoff. The results provided the basis for investigating the impacts of societies on hydrological systems.(More)
This study investigated the effects of different amounts of magnetite powder (i.e., 0g, 1.5g, 3g, 4.5g, 6g) on the anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure (PM) and wheat straw (WS). The variations in pH, alkalinity, cellulase activity (CEA), dehydrogenase activity (DHA) and methane production, were analyzed by phases. Correlation of the activities of the two(More)
In this paper, a single-mode Q-switched 980 nm Yb-doped fiber amplifier were studied experimentally. In the experiment, we used a 980 nm acousto-optics (AO) Q-switched Yb-doped single-mode fiber laser as the seed source, which generated an average output power of 73 mW at 980 nm with the pulse width of 10 ns at repetition frequency of 16 kHz. Then,(More)
We report a 166 W burst mode pulse fiber amplifier seeded by a Q-switched mode-locked all-fiber laser at 1064 nm based on a fiber-coupled semiconductor saturable absorber mirror. With a pump power of 230 W at 976 nm, the output corresponds to a power conversion efficiency of 74%. The repetition rate of the burst pulse is 20 kHz, the burst(More)
The first experimental demonstration of a 1 &#x00D7; 4 all-fiber power splitter capable of high-power operation is presented. The splitter, prepared by fused taper technique and fusion splicing technique, consists of one input fiber with a core diameter of 400 &#x03BC;m (NA<sub>CORE</sub> = 0.22) and four output fibers with a core diameter of 200 &#x03BC;m(More)
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