Shuzhen Zhuang

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The zona pellucida 3 (ZP3), an autoantigen, once used to develop contraceptive vaccine has been faced a safety issue. Avoiding its pathogenic T cell activation, we intranasally co-delivered the mZP3 DNA- and protein-based vaccines in mice and observed that a higher level of sIgA and IgG antibodies in vaginal washes, bronchoalveolar lavages and serum and(More)
The use of Lactococcus lactis for the co-delivery of antigens and cytokines has been shown to successfully induce a special immune response. However, it is unknown whether the same results may be triggered through immunization of animals with L. lactis simultaneously carrying protein antigen and cytokine DNA. The present study evaluated the protective(More)
In order to purify the cardiomyocytes derived stem cells, we constructed an expression vector, α -actin-pEGFP-N1 which consists of EGFP gene as reporter markers, and driven by human cardiacα-actin promoter, then transfected it into human embryonic germ cells(hEGCs) by Lipofectamine2000. Fluorescent observation and immunocytochemistry staining demonstrated(More)
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