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Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-related protein 1 (IGFBP-rP1) belongs to the IGFBP family whose members have a conserved structural homology. It has a low affinity for IGFs and a high affinity for insulin, suggesting that IGFBP-rP1 may have a biological function distinct from other members of the family. IGFBP-rP1 is ubiquitously expressed in(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Cooked rhubarb and wine processed rhubarb are the processed rhubarbs of raw rhizomes from Rheum palmatum L., Rheum tanguticum Maxim. ex Balf. or Rheum officinale Baill. They are clinically used in traditional Chinese medicine to compose anti-diabetic formulas and remove pathogenic heat or toxin from the body. AIM OF THE(More)
In our previous studies, we have demonstrated that insulin-like growth factor binding protein-related protein1 (IGFBP-rP1) played its potential tumor suppressor role in colon cancer cells through apoptosis and senescence induction. In this study, we will further uncover the role of IGFBP-rP1 in colon cancer differentiation and a possible mechanism by(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To examine cognitive function and its relationships to demographic characteristics and social support among elders in central China. BACKGROUND Cognitive decline is prevalent among elders. Few studies have explored the relationship between social support and cognitive function among elders. DESIGN A cross-sectional, descriptive(More)
The effectiveness and mechanism of nano-hydroxyapatite particles (nHAp) in immobilizing Pb and Cd from aqueous solutions and contaminated sediment were investigated. The maximum sorption amount (Q(max)) of Pb and Cd in aqueous solution was 1.17 and 0.57 mmol/g. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) surface and depth analysis(More)
Raw Radix Rehmanniae (RRR) is a frequently used traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of diabetes mellitus according to the statistics on all of the anti-diabetic formulas recorded in New National Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pioglitazone and RRR may be co-administrated for presumably enhanced therapeutic effects because of the common indications.(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to investigate (1) the associations of socioeconomic status, lifestyle risk factors, and the prevalence of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and (2) the mediating effects of lifestyle risk factors on the association of socioeconomic status and the prevalence of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes among Chinese adults in(More)
Transient receptor potential melastatin 2 (TRPM2), a calcium-permeable non-selective cation channel, is reported to mediate brain damage following ischemic insults in adult mice. However, the role of TRPM2 channels in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury remains unknown. We hypothesize that TRPM2+/- and TRPM2-/- neonatal mice have reduced hypoxic-ischemic(More)
The mature fruits of Aristolochia debilis, known in China by the name, "Madouling" has been popularly prescribed in Asia, particularly in China, to treat a range of conditions including gynaecological problems, arthritis and wound healing. This study was aimed to evaluate the potential effect of Madouling on the cytochrome P450 (CYP) isozymes in vitro in(More)
Earthworms were exposed to artificially contaminated soils of DE-71 and DE-79 to investigate the bioaccumulation and bioavailability of PBDEs in soil. All major congeners were bioavailable to earthworms. The uptake and elimination rate coefficients of PBDEs decreased with their logK(ow)s. The biota soil accumulation factors of PBDEs also declined with(More)