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Dietary protein is a major stimulant for cholecystokinin (CCK) secretion by the intestinal I cell, however, the mechanism by which protein is detected is unknown. Indirect functional evidence(More)
Protein synthesis requires a continuous supply of all of the indispensable (essential) amino acids (IAAs). If any IAA is deficient, animals must obtain the limiting amino acid by diet selection.(More)
The anterior piriform cortex (APC) has been shown to be an essential brain structure for the detection of dietary indispensable amino acid (IAA) deficiency, but little has been known about possible(More)
G protein-coupled receptors that signal bitter taste (T2Rs) are expressed in the mucosal lining of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In mice, intragastric infusion of T2R ligands(More)