Shuzhao Liu

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In this experiment, fenvalerate antibodies were immobilised on the electrode by the crosslinking with glutaraldehyde modified on the glassy carbon electrode (GCE) via chitosan. Fenvalerate was measured by the increase of electron transfer resistance when the immune reaction occurred with Fe(CN)6(3-)/Fe(CN)6(4-) as the probe. Under optimal conditions, the(More)
Microcantilever-based immunosensor is a next-generation electromechanical technique with broad application in biological detection. In this paper, we reported a microcantilever-based immunosensor that quantitatively detect the carbofuran, by using monoclonal antibodies to carbofuran as the receptor molecules. The surface of gold-coated microcantilever was(More)
The purified anti-carbofuran antibody was conjugated to carbonyl diimidazole (CDI)-activated Sepharose CL-4B to synthesize the immunosorbent for the immunoaffinity chromatographic (IAC) column specific to carbofuran. The conditions of IAC were optimized as follows: pH 7.2 phosphate buffer (PB) was used as equilibrium and adsorbent medium, and methanol-water(More)
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