Shuyuan Mary Ho

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Through their misuse of authorized privileges, insiders have caused great damage and loss to corporate internal information assets, especially within the Intelligence Community (IC). Intelligence management has faced increasing complexities of delegation and granular protection as more corporate entities have worked together in a dynamic collaborative(More)
The verification of an online conversation partner's identity is a challenge due to the lack of verbal and visual cues in computer-mediated communication. People must constantly assess the identity of whomever they are communicating with based on limited interaction. This poster describes an empirical study that identifies how people attribute gender and(More)
Insider threats are both social and technological phenomena, and group dynamics can provide important indicators to help counter insider threats. This paper discusses an experimental study that simulates insider betrayal in an online collaborative environment. This study uses the framework of trustworthiness attribution, wherein the authors examine the(More)
This paper presents a socio-technical study about perceptions of human trustworthiness as a key component for countering insider threats in virtual collaborative context. This study focuses on understanding how anomalous behavior can be detected by observers in a close social network. While human observations are fallible, this study adopts the concept of(More)
This study examines perceptions of human trustworthiness as a key component in countering insider threats. The term insider threat refers to situations where a critical member of an organization behaves against the interests of the organization, in an illegal and/or unethical manner. Identifying how an individual's behavior varies over time-and how(More)
Language as a symbolic medium plays an important role in virtual communications. Words communicated online as action cues can provide indications of an actor's behavioral intent. This paper describes an ongoing investigation into the impact of a deceptive insider on group dynamics in virtual team collaboration. An experiment using an online game environment(More)
Sustainability is a critical theme in transforming both our environment and our society to adapt to the rigorous demands of the future. This paper serves an educational purpose, and introduces the central concept of sustainability; life-cycle thinking. Three fundamental problems are discussed with the purpose of highlighting the importance and awareness of(More)