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Face recognition is a challenging visual classification task, especially when the lighting conditions can not be controlled. In this paper, we present an automatic face recognition system in the near in-frared (IR) spectrum instead of the visible band. By making use of the near infrared band, it is possible for the system to work under very dark visual(More)
Audio-and video-based person authentication has gained significant attention. Common databases are crucial for comparative evaluation of algorithms. Almost all of the publicly available databases contain im-ages/videos captured in visible illumination. In this paper we present an acquisition system and procedure for collection of a multi-modal database(More)
Eye detection is very important for automatic face recognition and gaze tracking. In this paper we propose an algorithm for eye detection under active infrared (IR) illumination, which will be integrated into our facial analysis system for cockpit access control. By making use of the bright pupil effect and a sophisticated thresholding method, the pupil(More)
Nowadays there is a high demand on non-intrusive, user-friendly authentication systems. A strong focus of the research community lies in face recognition systems. Many of the proposed systems operate under visible illumination. There are several databases for training and evaluation of those systems available. However, we claim that operating a face(More)
Spindle and chuck are critical units of the the high speed horizontal lathe, while the interference fit between the chuck and spindle is one of most important factors influencing the performance of the high speed horizontal lathe. To simple structure of geometry form regulation, the static and dynamic formulas are derived for the calculation of interference(More)