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In stratosphere, the cell handover performances of high altitude platform station (HAPS) communication system was affected by the quasi-stationary state of platform. The traditional handover algorithms based on the fixed thresholds usually can effectively deal with the handover issue caused by terminals' mobility. However given the platform disturbances,(More)
The eigenspace-based (ESB) beamformer demonstrates much more robust capabilities than the minimum variance distortionless (MVDR) beamformer. However, when the pointing error falls in some certain positions near the mainlobe edge or the integer times of half of the mainlobe width, its performance will suffer from severely degradation. To avoid the certain(More)
Complex frequency domain analysis of the continuous time LTI system is an important concept of signal and system analysis, which may be used to solve zero-state response and zero-input response of the system under the action of arbitrary drive, thereby it is very important to master the solving method. Here the S domain analysis of the continuous time(More)
Based on the real-value characteristic of the non-circular sources, a new virtual array (VA) beamforming method is proposed. The method first extends the original array utilizing the conjugate data of the receiving signals and then applies the extended VA to adaptive beamforming. By analyzing its performance some drawbacks are found in the covariance matrix(More)
In order to solve the problem of the high outage probability and longtime service interruption during the handover process between platforms in high altitude platform stations (HAPS) communication system, the adaptive handover scheme based on cooperative transmission was proposed. The platform node, which has higher channel gain, was selected for(More)
The eigenspace-based (ESB) beamformer provides much robustness to pointing errors. However, it couldn't deal with small sample size which could degrade its performance severely. Forward-backward smoothing technique can improve the performance of beamformers with small sample size. Base on the character that the Forward-backward smoothing matrix is an(More)
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