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Information on the structural classes of proteins has been proven to be important in many fields of bioinformatics. Prediction of protein structural class for low-similarity sequences is a challenge problem. In this study, 11 features (including 8 re-used features and 3 newly-designed features) are rationally utilized to reflect the general contents and(More)
Knowledge of structural classes plays an important role in understanding protein folding patterns. In this paper, features based on the predicted secondary structure sequence and the corresponding E-H sequence are extracted. Then, an 11-dimensional feature vector is selected based on a wrapper feature selection algorithm and a support vector machine (SVM).(More)
Knowledge of protein secondary structural classes plays an important role in understanding protein folding patterns. In this paper, 25 features based on position-specific scoring matrices are selected to reflect evolutionary information. In combination with other 11 rational features based on predicted protein secondary structure sequences proposed by the(More)
Knowledge of protein structural classes plays an important role in understanding protein folding patterns. Prediction of protein structural class based solely on sequence data remains to be a challenging problem. In this study, we extract the long-range correlation information and linear correlation information from position-specific score matrix (PSSM). A(More)
In this study, a simple 4k-dimension feature representation vector is proposed to reconstruct phylogenetic trees, where k is the length of a word. The vector is composed of elements which characterize the relative difference of biological sequence from sequence generated by an independent random process. In addition, the variance of a vector which is(More)
In order to develop cryopreservation techniques for long-term preserving the sperm of Mandarin fish Siniperca chuatsi, we examined the effects of various extender and cryopreservation on post-thaw motility. We found the optimal freezing procedures for the Mandarin fish sperm is diluting the semen in D-15 extender, chilling it to 4 degrees C, adding ME2SO to(More)
Subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) is becoming a global health problem due to its increasing prevalence and potential deleterious effects. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the lipid metabolic disorders in SCH have not been fully clarified. Additionally, progress in elucidating the exact pathogenesis of SCH has been hampered by the lack of(More)
Concentrations of metals were determined in four species of anchovy (Coilia sp.) from the Yangtze River, Taihu Lake, and Hongze Lake in Jiangsu Province, China. Concentrations of Cr in anchovy fish muscle ranged from 2.6 × 10(-2) to 5.0 mg/kg ww, and Coilia nasus taihuensis in Jiaoshan, Taihu Lake contained the highest concentrations of Cr, which was almost(More)
In this study, the normalized k-word average interval distance is proposed to extract phylogenetic information from DNA sequences. The phylogenetic trees of 30 mammalian species based on Euclidean distance measure are reconstructed with k ranging from 2 to 9. Comparison of our results with other methods shows that our method is efficient and powerful for(More)
We present a novel classification method for recognizing traffic sign symbols undergoing image degradations. In order to cope with the degradations, it is desirable to use combined blur-affine invariants (CBAIs) of traffic sign symbols as the feature vectors. Combined invariants allow to recognize objects in the degraded scene without any restoration. In(More)