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We present a novel classification method for recognizing traffic sign symbols undergoing image degradations. In order to cope with the degradations, it is desirable to use combined blur-affine invariants (CBAIs) of traffic sign symbols as the feature vectors. Combined invariants allow to recognize objects in the degraded scene without any restoration. In(More)
PTS(Partial transmit sequence) is a valid and distortionless technique used to reduce the PAPR(peak-to-average power ratio) in OFDM(orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)system. However, this algorithm has a high computational complexity. In this paper, to balance the performance and the computation complexity, we describe a simplified scheme for(More)
Autonomy Oriented Education (AOE) is a common focus of academia and business community. In this paper, based on the successful experience in the promotion of Autonomy Oriented Education, we present the background, concept, empowerment mechanisms, psychological support, as well as practical applications of AOE in Europe, and conclude relevant recommendations(More)
In the audio encoder of Surveillance Video and Audio Coding (SVAC), both audio signals and MEL-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) are coded and this leads to high computational complexity. This paper proposes a novel scheme for SVAC in which speech coding module based on Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction (ACELP) is removed completely and speech(More)
Cooperative downloading is an important measure for increasing the amount of data downloaded to the users of Vehicular Networking (VANET). However, data exchange causes frequent collision among cooperative vehicles and the client. To solve the problem, in this paper, we propose a transmission scheduling method. Firstly, the method builds a k-constraint(More)
Prediction of secreted protein types based solely on sequence data remains to be a challenging problem. In this study, we extract the long-range correlation information and linear correlation information from position-specific score matrix (PSSM). A total of 6800 features are extracted at 17 different gaps; then, 309 features are selected by a filter(More)
In order to solve the problem of low bandwidth utilization while the peak-to-average power ratio(PAPR) is reduced in visible light communication-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (VLC-OFDM) system. In this paper a novel method of combining ScaledPTS and Clipping algorithm to decrease the PAPR is proposed, and this scheme needn't transmit the side(More)
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