Shuxu Zhao

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We propose a new method for learning of radial basis function (RBF) neural networks which is based on subtractive clustering algorithm (SCA) and its application to face recognition. The rationale behind the method learning center parameters of RBF by means of SCA is that, for SCA, number of data points and calculation is irrelevant to the dimension of the(More)
More and more research has been focused on improving system properties of the original systems. In this paper, to resolve system expansion, data sharing and redundant problems of China railway existing information systems, a new heterogeneous system integration method based on flexible service is proposed. Based on Autonomous Decentralized System and(More)
KeywordsChina high-speed railway; Train Transport Operation System; Autonomous Integration; Autonomous Function Unit(AFU); task tree separation algorithm Abstract-The research of China railway Passenger-Dedicated Lines and how to construct high-efficiency information system of it have been accelerated in these years. According to the users' multi-levels(More)
With the rapid development of China railway informatization, information source, composition and volume get a explosive increase. Aiming at massive information integration and access of China railway information system, paper has proposed a smart information integration service mode to provide the objective correlative and effective multi-source information(More)
New period information system should have an ideal on-line abilities and rapid response ability in order to satisfy various service demands. The existing information systems of China railway have been proved that its systems' limitations have affect transport and operation abilities rising, the system abilities and properties should be improved. Aiming at(More)
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