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Technological and Geographical Knowledge Spillover in the German Empire 18771918
We use a newly developed data set of 39,343 high-value patents granted between 1877 and 1918 to demonstrate that technological progress during German industrialization occurred in at least fourExpand
Age diversity, directors' personal values, and bank performance
This study examines the effects of board diversity on bank profitability and risk. Using a sample of 97 Chinese banks over a period from 2009 to 2013, we find that board age diversity is negativelyExpand
What made southwest German firms innovative around 1900? Assessing the importance of intra- and inter-industry externalities
This paper investigates the impact of clustering on the innovative activity of firms. The study, one of the few using firm-level data, is based on a newly constructed dataset, including informationExpand
The Foreign Exchange Exposure of UK Non-Financial Firms: A Comparison of Market-Based Methodologies
We use a sample of 269 UK non-financial firms to study the sensitivity of foreign exchange exposure, and its determinants, to the different estimation methods. The standard Jorion's model suggestsExpand
Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets to Africa: The HRM Context
In this article, we explore what determines the decisions of emerging-market multinational corporations (MNCs) to invest in Africa and whether this is any different from their counterparts in matureExpand
The long-term performance of Hong Kong share-only and unit initial public offerings (IPOs)
This study examines the long-term price performance of share-only versus unit IPOs issued on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange during 1990-2002. Our main objective is to test the extent to which theExpand
Knowledge spill-over from new to old industries: The case of German synthetic dyes and textiles (1878–1913)
Abstract We construct a data set of long-lived German patents of patent classes dyes (22) and dyeing (8) to measure the accumulation path of technological knowledge with respect to dyeing textiles.Expand
Does the stock market reward innovation? European stock index reaction to negative news during the global financial crisis
This study uses data on 27 European stock indices over the period from January 2007 to December 2012 to investigate the relationship between innovations and the market reaction to negative newsExpand
Stabilization and the aftermarket prices of initial public offerings
The paper examines the determinants of stabilization and its impact on the aftermarket prices. We use a unique dataset to relax several assumptions in the stabilization literature. We find thatExpand
Derivative activities and Chinese banks’ exposures to exchange rate and interest rate movements
This study investigates the impact of Chinese banks’ derivative activities on their exposure to exchange rate and interest rate changes. The standard Jorion [1990. “The Exchange-Rate Exposure of U.S.Expand