Shuxin Zhao

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NMDARs play a major role in patterning of topographic sensory maps in the brain. Genetic knock-out of the essential subunit of NMDARs in excitatory cortical neurons prevents whisker-specific neural pattern formation in the barrel cortex. To determine the role of NMDARs en route to the cortex, we generated sensory thalamus-specific NR1 (Grin1)-null mice(More)
One of the major challenges facing health systems is the provision of integrated information to support continuous health care to a patient across multiple conditions and multiple points of care. Tools for improving continuity of care, such as patient Electronic Health Records, need to draw on information from diverse information systems. Reliable exchange(More)
In this paper, we address the issues of using OWL to model the knowledge captured in relational databases. Some types of knowledge in databases cannot be modeled directly using OWL constructs. Two alternative approaches are proposed with examples of two types of knowledge. Firstly the data value range constraint and secondly the calculation knowledge(More)
Executive Summary This paper presents an interactive educational environment for use over both in situ and distance-based modalities of teaching. Several technological issues relating to the design and development of the distributed virtual learning environment have also been raised. The PROVIDE framework proposed in this paper is a seamless distributed(More)
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