Shuxin Susan Wang

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BACKGROUND Atopic eczema or dermatitis (AD) is associated with atopy and is characterized by reduced skin hydration and an impaired skin barrier in the epidermis. We investigated the patient acceptability and efficacy of an emollient containing ceramide-precursor lipids and moisturizing factors (LMF) in AD. METHODS Consecutive AD patients were recruited.(More)
AIM We evaluated the moisturizing and bathing practices and preferences of patients with childhood-onset eczema. METHODS The attitudes and practice of patients with eczema managed at a pediatric dermatology clinic were evaluated, using children with non-eczematous skin diseases as controls. Disease severity of eczema in the preceding 12 months was(More)
BACKGROUND Eczema is a common atopic disease associated with pruritus, sleep disturbance, and impaired quality of life. Staphylococcus aureus colonization/infection is important in its pathophysiology. AIM To evaluate the prevalence of S aureus colonization/infection and the efficacy and acceptability of a combined antibiotic/corticosteroid cream in the(More)
BACKGROUND Atopic eczema is a common and distressing disease. This study aimed to review the age-dependent pattern of atopic sensitization to food and aeroallergens in patients with eczema by skin prick testing. METHODS The results of skin prick test (SPT), serum IgE, bronchial challenge test, and family history of atopy in eczema patients seen at a(More)
Many patients with atopic eczema (AE) would "march" to develop allergic rhinitis (AR) and asthma. Physicians, patients and their families often do not appreciate the significance of these diseases as co-morbidities of atopy.The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and severity of airway atopies in patients with AE. AR and asthma severity were(More)
The incidence of eczema has been increasing in developed countries. Environmental and hygiene factors have been incriminated. Although air and food pollution with heavy metals have been considered as possible culprits, these factors have never been investigated in Hong Kong. To evaluate if quality of life and eczema severity are associated with abnormal(More)
Food atopy is important but inadequately studied among children with atopic dermatitis (AD). We evaluated whether any association existed between AD severity, quality of life, total IgE, eosinophil counts, and the number of food items sensitized. Specific IgE of ten common food items was measured for a group of consecutive AD patients (n=85) enrolled during(More)
BACKGROUND The objective SCORing Atopic Dermatitis (SCORAD) is a widely-used clinical score for assessing the extent, intensity, and severity of atopic dermatitis (AD). OBJECTIVE We evaluated the effect on the severity grading if extent or intensity was under-estimated or overestimated. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six-hundred and fifty-one SCORADs performed(More)
Due to increasing worldwide water pollution, fish might be a source of excessive zinc, mercury, arsenic or manganese intake. The aim of this study was to evaluate if fish atopy/sensitization and fish consumption behavior are associated with eczema severity and blood levels of the 4 heavy metals.One-hundred and nineteen patients with eczema and 43 patients(More)
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