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The South China Sea is one of the largest marginal seas, with relatively frequent passage of eddies and featuring distinct spatial variation in the western tropical Pacific Ocean. Here, we report a phylogenetic study of bacterial community structures in surface seawater of the northern South China Sea (nSCS). Samples collected from 31 sites across large(More)
Mariculture is one of the major seafood supplies worldwide and has caused serious environmental concerns on the coastal zone. Its rapid development has been shown to disrupt the sediment ecosystems and thus influence the benthic bacterial communities. Bacterial diversity and community structure within both adjacent farms and non-cultured zones intertidal(More)
Skeletal muscle has a major role in locomotion and muscle disorders are associated with poor regenerative efficiency. Therefore, a deeper understanding of muscle regeneration is needed to provide a new insight for new therapies. CaMKK2 plays a role in the calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase cascade; however, its role in skeletal muscle remains unknown.(More)
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