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The complete mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) of a female flightless geometrid moth Apocheima cinerarius was found to be 15,722 bp in length, containing 13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 22 transfer RNA (tRNA) genes, 2 ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes, and a control region. The A+T content of the complete mitogenome is 80.83%. The AT skew value ([A-T]/[A+T]) is(More)
Serine proteinase inhibitors (serpins) represent an important superfamily of endogenous inhibitors that regulate proteolytic events active in a variety of physiological functions. Immunological screening of a Schistosoma japonicum adult worm cDNA expression library with sera of Microtus fortis, a naturally resistant vertebrate host, has identified one clone(More)
To observe the long lasting effect of the recombinant Sj26GST sub-unit vaccine against Schistosoma japonicum in cattle, animals aged from 5 to 12 months were vaccinated with reSjc26GST, and were challenged by natural infection 6 months or 12 months after vaccination. Worm burdens per cattle and egg burden in tissue (per gram) of cattle with or without(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform cloning of the gene encoding Chinese Schistosoma japonicum tropomyosin (SjcTM) and its expression in Escherichia coli. METHODS SjcTM cDNA fragment, except for 14 amino acids at the amino terminus, was obtained by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with total RNA extracted from adult worms of S. japonicum. The(More)
Rodent models for Schistosoma japonicum infections have demonstrated that these animals possess a degree of resistance to schistosome infections that may be both T and B lymphocyte-mediated. However, their exact role is not well-defined and other immune mechanisms are likely to also play a role in protecting against infection. Immunosuppressed and(More)
The subfamily Cyclidiinae from China is reviewed: two genera and seven species are reported from China. One new subspecies, Cyclidia fractifasciata indistincta subsp. n., is described. Two new synonyms are established: Cyclidia substigmaria (Hübner, 1831) (= Cyclidia substigmaria brunna Chu & Wang, 1987, syn. n. = Cyclidia tetraspota Chu & Wang, 1987, syn.(More)
RNA-based vaccine represents an irresistible and safe immunization strategy with decreasing theoretical risks of genomic integration and malignant cell transformation. To our knowledge, however, there is no report about development of RNA vaccine against Toxoplasma gondii infection. We have previously demonstrated that the recombinant T. gondii nucleoside(More)
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