Shuxian Fan

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Aerosol optical properties from August 2006 to July 2007 were obtained from ground-based and sky radiance measurements in Semi-Arid Climate and Environment Observatory of Lanzhou University (SACOL), China. High aerosol optical thickness (AOT) associated with low Angström exponent (alpha) was mainly observed in spring, which was consistent with the seasonal(More)
Transformer differential protection may be of malfunction at the emergence of inrush current, and it will affect the normal operation of the transformer. So the paper puts forward a new application of wavelet energy spectrum entropy-neural network theory in transformer microcomputer protection, in which the multi-resolution analysis of wavelet transform and(More)
Using in situ fog water samples gathered in the suburbs of Nanjing city, China in December, 2006, with their analysis performed, an attempt is undertaken of relation of Hg content with air pollution. It is found that foggy weather is unfavorable for diffusing pollutants, resulting in the increase in concentrations of PM10, CO and total hydrocarbon, followed(More)
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