Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya

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Dataflow has proven to be an attractive computation model for programming digital signal processing (DSP) applications. A restricted version of dataflow, termed synchronous dataflow (SDF), that offers strong compile-time predictability properties, but has limited expressive power, has been studied extensively in the DSP context. Many extensions to(More)
The implementation of software for embedded digital signal processing (DSP) applications is an extremely complex process. The complexity arises from escalating functionality in the applications; intense timeto-market pressures; and stringent cost, power and speed constraints. To help cope with such complexity, DSP system designers have increasingly been(More)
A portion of this research was undertaken as part of the Ptolemy project, which is supported by the Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U. S. Air Force (under the RASSP program, contract F33615-93-C-1317), Semiconductor Research Corporation (project 94-DC-008), National Science Foundation (MIP-9201605), Office of Naval Technology (via Naval Research(More)
In this paper, we formally develop techniques that minimize the memory requirements of a target program when synthesizing software from dataflow descriptions of multirate signal processing algorithms. The dataflow programming model that we consider is the synchronous dataflow (SDF) model [21], which has been used heavily in DSP design environments over the(More)
Video coding technology in the last 20 years has evolved producing a variety of different and complex algorithms and coding standards. So far the specification of such standards, and of the algorithms that build them, has been done case by case providing monolithic textual and reference software specifications in different forms and programming languages.(More)
This paper discusses a hierarchical scheduling framework which reduces the complexity of scheduling synchronous dataflow (SDF) graphs onto multiple processors. The core of this framework is a clustering algorithm that decreases the number of nodes before expanding the SDF graph into a precedence directed acyclic graph (DAG). The internals of the clusters(More)
In this paper, we explore a hybrid global/local search optimization framework for dynamic voltage scaling in embedded multiprocessor systems. The problem is to find, for a multiprocessor system in which the processors are capable of dynamically varying their core voltages, the optimum voltage levels for all the tasks in order to minimize the average power(More)