Shuvra Kanti Nath

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Helicobacter pylori, in particular cytotoxin associated gene (cag)+ strains, have been shown to enhance gastric epithelial cell proliferation in vivo, an effect that likely contributes to gastric carcinogenesis. Early growth response gene 1 (Egr-1) is a crucial regulator of cell growth, differentiation, and survival, which is known to(More)
Modeling large-scale protein motions, such as those involved in folding and binding interactions, is crucial to better understanding not only how proteins move and interact with other molecules but also how proteins misfold, thus causing many devastating diseases. Robotic motion planning algorithms, such as Rapidly Exploring Random Trees (RRTs), have been(More)
Sampling-Based Motion Planning (SBMP) has been successful in planning the motion for a wide variety of robot types. An important primitive of these methods is selecting candidate neighbors and validating/invalidating the pathways between nodes of the map. These neighbors are commonly selected based on some distance metric (DM). An ideal distance metric for(More)
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