Shutaro Inoue

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In order to compute an eliminate portion of a given polynomial ideal by a Gröbner basis computation, we usually need to compute a Gröbner basis of the whole ideal with respect to some proper term order. In a boolean polynomial ring, we show that we can compute an eliminate portion by computing Gröbner bases in the boolean polynomial ring with the same(More)
A commutative ring B with an identity is called a boolean ring if every element of which is idempotent. A residue class ring B[X1, . . . , Xn]/〈X 1 −X1, . . . , X n−Xn〉 with an ideal 〈X2 1 −X1, . . . , X n−Xn〉 also becomes a boolean ring, which is called a boolean polynomial ring. A Gröbner basis in a boolean polynomial ring, called a boolean Gröbner basis,(More)