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The weights of an optimum PB (Pre-steered broadband) antenna array processor are often obtained by solving a LCMV (linearly constrained minimum variance) problem. The objective function is the mean output power (variance) and the constraints space is a set of linear equations which ensure a constant gain in a fixed direction known as the look direction.(More)
The research on cognitive thinking is important to construct the efficient intelligent design systems. But it is difficult to describe the model of cognitive thinking with reasonable mathematical theory. Based on the analysis of design strategy and innovative thinking, we investigated the design cognitive thinking model that included the external guide(More)
In this paper, based on the analyzing of the selecting and distinguishing characteristics of cognitive thinking, the product design elements are analyzed with the theories of Kansei Engineering, and the corresponding mathematic model for the analysis is developed based on the quantification-I theory to quantitatively discuss the relationship between product(More)
Posture balance and path tracking control of disk rolling without slipping on the horizontal plane was researched. Non-holonomic restriction model of disk rolling without slipping was built, considering most easiness of disk posture control, a posture balance condition was put forward, and based on the posture balance condition, using Lyapunov's stability(More)
The selection of stable reference genes is a critical step for the accurate quantification of gene expression. To identify and validate the reference genes in Pandora neoaphidis-an obligate aphid pathogenic fungus-the expression of 13classical candidate reference genes were evaluated by quantitative real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain(More)