Shusaku Sone

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Prevention and early detection of atherosclerosis are critical for protection against subsequent circulatory disease. In this study, an automated two-dimensional ultrasonic-measurement-integrated (2D-UMI) blood flow analysis system for clinical diagnosis was developed, and the feasibility of the system for hemodynamic analysis in a carotid artery was(More)
We developed a simultaneous analysis system for blood pressure and flow using photoplethysmography and ultrasonic-measurement-integrated simulation. The validity of the system was confirmed by analysis of blood flow field in a carotid artery and corresponding wave intensity (WI) values.
Two-dimensional ultrasonic-measurement-integrated (2D-UMI) simulation correctly reproduces hemodynamics even with an inexact inflow velocity distribution. This study aimed to investigate which is superior, a two-dimensional ordinary (2D-O) simulation with an accurate inflow velocity distribution or a 2D-UMI simulation with an inaccurate one. 2D-O and 2D-UMI(More)
Understanding the spatiotemporal change in hemodynamics is essential for the basic research of atherosclerosis. The objective of this study was to establish a methodology to clarify the relation between a two-dimensional (2D) unsteady blood flow field and forward and backward propagating waves in a carotid artery. This study utilized photoplethysmography(More)
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