Shusaku Iida

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We present a formal method for component-based system specification and verification which is based on the new algebraic specification language CafeOBJ, which is a modern successor of OBJ incorporating several new developments in algebraic specification theory and practice. We first give an overview of the origins and of the main features of CafeOBJ,(More)
Document Logic is a simple yet powerful framework to infer risks in business processes. We focus on flows of documents and build a set of inference rules based on document authenticity and a simple trust model. We have built a prototype of a system that checks document authenticity in Maude. Maude is an implementation of rewriting logic. Rewriting logic is(More)
The rapid adoption of Internet/Intranet technologies has led to an explosive increase in demand for the construction of reliable distributed systems. To meet this important technical challenge, new technologies such as component based software engineering, software architecture[17] and design patterns, attract many software researchers and engineers.(More)