Shura Hayryan

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We describe a revised and updated version of the program package SMMP (Simple Molecular Mechanics for Proteins) [ SMMP is an open-source FORTRAN package for molecular simulation of proteins within the standard geometry model. It is designed as a simple and inexpensive tool for researchers and students to become familiar with protein simulation techniques.(More)
In the calculation of thermodynamic properties and three-dimensional structures of macromolecules, such as proteins, it is important to have an efficient algorithm for computing the solvent-accessible surface area of macromolecules. Here, we propose a new analytical method for this purpose. In the proposed algorithm we consider the transformation that maps(More)
The folding of the alpha-helix domain hbSBD of the mammalian mitochondrial branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex is studied by the circular dichroism technique in absence of urea. Thermal denaturation is used to evaluate various thermodynamic parameters defining the equilibrium unfolding, which is well described by the two-state model with the(More)
The determination of the three-dimensional (3D) structure of a protein or peptide is a very important research problem in biological and medical sciences. Anfinsen's experiments (Science 1973, 181, 223) on renaturation of denatured proteins have shown that the native 3D structure of a (small) protein at low (room) temperatures is uniquely determined by its(More)
An efficient combination of the Wang-Landau and transition matrix Monte Carlo methods for protein and peptide simulations is described. At the initial stage of simulation the algorithm behaves like the Wang-Landau algorithm, allowing to sample the entire interval of energies, and at the later stages, it behaves like transition matrix Monte Carlo method and(More)
Detection and quantitative characterization of the internal cavities in proteins remain an important topic in studying protein structure and function. Here we propose a new analytical method for detecting the existence of cavities in proteins. The method is based on constructing the special enveloping triangulation enclosing the cavities. Based on this(More)
We use a replica approach to investigate the thermodynamic properties of the random heteropolymers with persistent power-law correlations in monomer sequence. We show that this type of sequences possess proteinlike properties. In particular, we show that they can fold into stable unique three-dimensional structure (the "native" structure, in protein(More)
A simplified model for the closed circular DNA (ccDNA) is proposed to describe some specific features of the helix-coil transition in such molecule. The Hamiltonian of ccDNA is related to the one introduced earlier for the linear DNA. The basic assumption is that the reduced energy of the hydrogen bond is not constant through the transition process but(More)
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