Shuquan Wang

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Chinese sacbrood virus (CSBV) has emerged as an important etiologic agent of honeybee infections and is lethal for individual bees, even causing the collapse of entire colonies. Although diagnostic methods for CSBV have been established in many clinical laboratories, application of these methods is largely restricted by the apparatus needed to carry out the(More)
The extent of exposure of residents of Changqing (Guizhou, PR China) to arsenic through coal-burning was investigated. Despite the low coal-arsenic content (56.3+/-42.5 mg As kg(-1)) when compared with coals collected at different location and times from the same province, more than 30% of the study subjects have shown symptoms of arsenicosis. Coal, urine,(More)
An orbital three-player conflict with impulsive thrust is studied in this work. Due to the absence of maneuver capabilities of the target spacecraft, a defender spacecraft is engaged to eliminate the threat of the attacker spacecraft to the target spacecraft. The orbital three-player conflict is divided into two layers. In the internal layer, the attacker(More)
OBJECTIVE To study on the fluorine capture effect of calcium based coal briquette with fluorine capture additive in coal-burning fluorosis area. METHODS Add proper proportions of calcium based fluorine capture additive in high fluorine coal for making coal briquette were added, and were added the fluorine in coal cinder in order to reduce its emission.(More)
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