Shuqin Xing

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The use of a treadmill to gather data for gait analysis in mice is a convenient, sensitive method to evaluate motor performance. However, evidence from several species, including mice, shows that treadmill locomotion is a novel task that is not equivalent to over ground locomotion and that may be particularly sensitive to the test environment and protocol.(More)
BACKGROUND Large quantities of smallpox vaccine have been stockpiled to protect entire nations against a possible reintroduction of smallpox. Planning for an appropriate use of these stockpiled vaccines in response to a smallpox outbreak requires a rational assessment of the risks of vaccination-related adverse events, compared to the risk of contracting an(More)
Minnehy Mukoma should have been included in the Acknowledgments for research design and implementation. Under the section heading " Expected Death Toll during a Present-Day Mass Vaccination Campaign, " the numbers of expected deaths that were computed for a mass vaccination campaign were displayed as per million; they should be absolute numbers. The(More)
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