Shuqin Geng

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The Network-on-Chip (NoC) has been recognized as a paradigm to solve System-on-Chip (SoC) design challenges. The routing algorithm is one of key researches of a NoC design. XY routing algorithm, which is a kind of distributed deterministic routing algorithms, is simple to be implemented. Odd-Even (OE) routing algorithm, whose implementation is complex, is a(More)
Keyword: Dynamic XOR/XNOR Gate Leakage Power Variation a b s t r a c t A hybrid network technique is proposed in dynamic CMOS XOR/XNOR gate to reduce the power consumption , save the layout area and avoid signal skew. Compared to the standard N type dynamic gate with similar delay time, the leakage power, dynamic power and layout area of the novel XOR/XNOR(More)
A charge self-compensation technique, based on P-type logic dynamic node charging to N-type logic dynamic node, is proposed in this paper. A novel Zipper CMOS domino full-adder is implemented using this technique , dual threshold voltage technique, and multiple supply technique for power reduction. A power distribution simulation running indicates that the(More)
RFID system is widely used in wireless communication systems. Tag collision, causing the RFID reader cannot identify the tag data, is a serious problem when several tags use the same communication channel simultaneously. Framed slotted ALOHA algorithm is normally used to solve the RFID collision problem. However, it requires an exponentially increasing(More)
Irregular mesh topologies are used nowadays in NOCs due to the variation in the size & shape of IP modules integrated on a SOC. Irregular topology presents problems of routing, as eachnode may differ in their degree. Degree priority routing algorithms have already been proposed, which enables fast and dynamic routing. In this paper an improvement on the(More)
A model for forecasting the switching power, leakage power and delay of the multiple-supply dynamic OR gates based on wavelet neural networks in 45 nm technology is proposed. By studying the impact of the multiple-supply technique (MST) on the power and delay characteristics, the proposed forecasting model could forecast the nonlinear changing of the(More)
An approach for forecasting the leakage power and the delay of the dual threshold domino OR gates based on Wavelet Neural Networks (WNN) in 45 nm technology is proposed. The forecasting system has fast convergence and high precision. By studying the impact of the dual threshold voltage technique (DTV) on leakage reduction and delay increase, it successfully(More)