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# These authors contributed equally to this work. Single-cell expression profiling by RNA-Seq promises to exploit cell-to-cell variation in gene expression to reveal regulatory circuitry governing cell differentiation and other biological processes. Here, we describe Monocle, a novel unsupervised algorithm for ordering cells by progress through(More)
Two new genera of the spider family Salticidae, Corusca gen. nov. and Insula gen. nov., are described. Nine new species of the genus Corusca gen. nov. and 11 new species of the genus Insula gen. nov. are reported from Hainan, Southern China: Corusca acris sp. nov. (male), C. bawangensis sp. nov. (male), C. falcata sp. nov. (male), C. gracilis sp. nov. (male(More)
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is thought to be a disease of resting lymphocytes. However, recent data suggest that CLL cells may more closely resemble activated B cells. Using microRNA (miRNA) expression profiling of highly-enriched CLL cells from 38 patients and 9 untransformed B cells from normal donors before acute CpG activation and 5 matched B(More)
Human heart failure is a complex syndrome and a primary cause of morbidity and mortality in the world. However, the molecular pathways involved in the remodelling process are poorly understood. In this study, we performed exhaustive global proteomic surveys of cardiac ventricle isolated from failing and non-failing human hearts, and determined the(More)
Chemical signaling plays an important role in spider sexual communication, yet the chemistry of spider sex pheromones remains poorly understood. Unlike insects and mammals, the identification of spider pheromones has seldom been attempted, and no multicomponent pheromones have been found. Empty webs of sexually receptive females of Pholcus beijingensis were(More)
Five genera and nine species of oonopid spiders are recorded from Laos, including six new species: Gamasomorpha comosa Tong & Li, 2009, Ischnothyreus corollacous sp. nov., Ischnothyreus tadetu sp. nov., Ischnothyreus tadfane sp. nov., Opopaea cornuta Yin & Wang, 1984, Opopaea lemniscata sp. nov., Opopaea tumida sp. nov., Xestaspis loricata (L. Koch, 1873),(More)
Fourteen new species belonging to five pholcid genera are reported from Laos: Belisana champasakensis sp. nov. (male), B. crystallina sp. nov. (male and female), B. gigantea sp. nov. (male and female), B. khanensis sp. nov. (male and female), B. lancea sp. nov. (male), B. martensi sp. nov. (male), B. tadetuensis sp. nov. (male), B. xiangensis sp. nov. (male(More)