Shuqian Luo

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The success of image analysis depends heavily upon accurate image segmentation algorithms. This paper presents a novel segmentation algorithm based on artificial ant colonies (AC). Recent studies show that the self-organization of ants is similar to neurons in the human brain in many respects. Therefore, it has been used successfully for understanding(More)
The virtual human is an interactive computer model integrating anatomical, biophysical, physiological and biomechanical characteristics of human being. The virtual Chinese human female number 1 (VCH-F1) is a high-resolution dataset of a standard Chinese female. This paper covers our 5-year work with VCH-F1 dataset. We will introduce the reconstruction of(More)
In designing the Hilbert transform pairs of biorthogonal wavelet bases, it has been shown that the requirements of the equal-magnitude responses and the half-sample phase offset on the lowpass filters are the necessary and sufficient condition. In this paper, the relationship between the phase offset and the vanishing moment difference of biorthogonal(More)
Nowadays, statistical parametric mapping (SPM) is the most widely-used method for the analysis of fMRI data. As the progress of SPM, some researchers have proposed WSPM, a new method based on wavelet transform. The advantage of WSPM is that it can not only reduce the spatial bias of SPM, but also shows the closer result to the true active areas. In this(More)