Shuping Xiong

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Orthotics and other types of shoe inserts are primarily designed to reduce injury and improve comfort. The interaction between the plantar surface of the foot and the load-bearing surface contributes to foot and surface deformations and hence to perceived comfort, discomfort or pain. The plantar shapes of 16 participants' feet were captured when standing on(More)
Information related to reliable values of discomfort thresholds can help to improve the designs of various products. This study aimed to investigate the measurement reliabilities associated with pressure thresholds, while determining the effects of stimulus characteristics (stimulus area, indentation speed) of the human foot. An indentation apparatus was(More)
The psychophysical relationship between the magnitude of pressure on thirteen test locations of twenty healthy subjects' feet with four probe areas at three indentation speeds and the corresponding perceived sensations were analyzed. The dependency of pressure pain thresholds (PPT) on area, A, and speed, v, can be mathematically modeled in the form, PPT(i)(More)
With consideration of the decentralization of wheat fertilization management and status in quo in Henan province, the paper mainly designed county wheat decision-making System of survey and directions for soil Based on GIS. By collecting 3773 records of survey and directions for soil in 976 vilages, Hua county, protracting all kinds of vectorgraphs about(More)
The mechanical properties of human foot tissue in vivo as well as discomfort and pain thresholds are important for various applications. In this study, an apparatus for measuring the discomfort and pain thresholds and the mechanical properties of human tissues is presented. The apparatus employs a stepper motor that controls the indentation speed, as well(More)
The need for sustainable development has been widely recognized and sustainable development has become a hot topic of various disciplines even though the role of ergonomics in it is seldom reported or considered. This study conducts a systematic survey of research publications in the fields of ergonomics and sustainable development over the past two decades(More)
A novel region growing algorithm is proposed for triangular mesh recovery from scattered 3D points. In our method, the new principle is used to determine the seed triangle considering both maximum angle and minimum length; the open influence region is defined for the active edge under processing; positional element is added into the criterion to choose the(More)